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Yes, just like moving photos and newspapers in Harry Potter movies your Smartphotos can play videos. Enjoy the magical experience with Smartphotos.

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Never seen before

Smartphotos not only holds my memories in a picture🖼 but also in a beautiful video📱, all together. Fell in love with memories with @homingos

-Bhavika Sharma

Perfect Gift

I'm so happy 🥰 to receive something like this, which is so unique and brings back all the good memories. Perfect gift. 🎁

- Desi Dunia (instagram)

Easy and Fun

It looks like a postcard, with one picture but the magic 🎉 begins once you scan the picture🤳. #homingos

- Rajan Luthra

Magical Experience

Save not only pictures but videos too❤️😘✨ Thank you @homingos. It truly is something worth sharing and cherishing.

- Food MY Lifeline (instagram)